Notable Women Climbing the Career Ladder and Breaking the Glass Ceiling!

From, 9/24/09: Congradulations to Diane Sawyer! Your daily source for the feminist perspective on national and global events.

Sawyer Will be Second Woman Solo Evening News Anchor

Feminist Daily News Wire
September 3, 2009

ABC News announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer will succeed Charles Gibson as anchor of the evening broadcast “World News” in January. Gibson plans to retire from his full-time post at ABC News, as reported by the network. When Sawyer’s tenure commences, two of the three major network evening news broadcasts will be anchored by women. Katie Couric became the first woman to solo-anchor a major evening newscast in 2006 when she became host of the “CBS Evening News,” according to the Washington Post.

Sawyer has achieved much since she began her television career as a weather reporter at a Louisville, Kentucky, station, a post Sawyer once described as “literally the only job held by a woman at the station at the time,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Sawyer’s career as a political reporter began in 1978 when she was hired by CBS News to cover the State Department. She then became the first woman correspondent on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in 1984. In 1989, Sawyer was hired by ABC to co-anchor of “Primetime Live” and, in 1999 began to co-host “Good Morning America” with Charles Gibson, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Sawyer currently co-anchors “Good Morning America” with Robin Roberts. The duo are the first female co-anchor team on a national network, according to ABC News . Sawyer is widely respected for her political reporting, including interviews with heads of state, special reports on foster care, poverty in the US, and on-location reports from North Korea and Iran.

Broadcast journalist Connie Chung applauded Sawyer’s appointment in an interview with Newsweek. “Katie [Couric] broke ground, but what has happened today with Diane means Katie’s appointment wasn’t just an aberration…what breaks the ceiling is not just having one male cheerleader on the squad. We have never seen two women solo anchors on the networks’ flagship programs,” Chung said.


Media Resources: ABC News 9/2/09; Washington Post 9/3/09; Los Angeles Times 9/2/09; Newsweek 9/2/09


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Danica Sue Patrick Raced in the Indy 500. You can read her book: Danica: Crossing the Line. Katie Hnida- Played college football (that’s American Football). You can read her story in her book: Still Kicking.

Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Heart, and the GoGos- Musicians to make it big.

Congratulations Nanci Pelosi for Becoming Our Next Speaker of the House! Parts taken from 11/27/06:

As a result of the Democrats winning a majority of seats in the recent 2006 midterm elections, Pelosi is expected to be elected the next Speaker of the House when Congress reconvenes in January 2007 for the 110th Congress of the United States. Pelosi is the first woman to lead a major political party in either house of Congress, and once formally elected, she would be the first woman to serve as Speaker. As Speaker, she would rank second in the presidential line of succession (behind the Vice President).

From 8/14/06:

PepsiCo names first woman CEO
CFO Indra Nooyi to succeed Steve Reinemund, putting her among the leading women in corporate America.
By Parija B. Kavilanz, staff writer
August 14 2006: 4:04 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( — Soft drink and snack company PepsiCo Inc. announced Monday that chief financial officer Indra Nooyi will take over from Chairman and CEO Steve Reinemund this October. She becomes the first woman to hold the post and enters the list of leading women in corporate America.

“Indra’s is brilliant in terms of business strategy. She’s someone who can think and move several steps ahead in this game of business chess,” said Sicher of Beverage Digest.

Read more of this article at:


From– 7/25/06:

The longest serving co-host of NBC’s “Today” show, Katie Couric recently announced her decision to leave NBC for CBS News, where she will be Anchor and Managing Editor of “The CBS Evening News With Katie Couric.” She will also contribute to “60 Minutes” and anchor CBS News primetime specials. Couric, who will become the first woman in history to solo-anchor (a major U.S. network-edit.) evening news program, will be replaced at “Today” by Meredith Vieira of ABC’s “The View,” whose spot will be filled by Rosie O’Donnell.

Congratulations  to

Katie, Meredith Vieira, and Rosie O’Donnell!  



Couric confirms she will leave ‘Today’

April 5: “Today” show host Katie Couric confirms that she is leaving the show after 15 years to become the first woman to anchor a major U.S. network evening newscast solo.


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