National Women’s Confidence Day, 1st Wednesday in June – every year!

Attention All Women- Help Celebrate National Women’s Confidence Day-1st Wednesday in June Every Year!

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Queen Latifah Announces First Annual NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY(SM) on Capitol Hill

Entertainment Superstar, YWCA USA Launch Women’s Confidence-Building Educational Outreach Program

NEW YORK, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Today, entertainment superstar Queen Latifah, the YWCA USA, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and VF Intimates’ CURVATION(R) brand announced the first annual NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The goal of the day is to raise awareness for, and celebrate the positive impact of, confidence in women’s personal and professional lives. Additionally, the day served as the launch of the CURVATION(SM) Project Confidence(SM) YWCA Educational Outreach Program, a partnership designed to give women the tools and information they need to build their personal confidence and self-esteem.

To commemorate the occasion, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), a member of the Congressional Caucus on Women’s Issues, acknowledged NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, with Queen Latifah in attendance. This follows the submission of an Extension of Remarks supporting the day into the Congressional Record in February 2006.

The day was proclaimed by the YWCA USA to serve as a reminder for women everywhere to exude confidence in themselves everyday; an opportunity for women to get involved in helping other women live more fulfilling lives; and a fitting tribute to those who already contribute — via education, fund-raising, self-empowerment and volunteer work — to helping women gain confidence. NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY will be celebrated on the first Wednesday in June in subsequent years.

Following the acknowledgement in Congress, Queen Latifah, Representative Maloney and Peggy Sanchez Mills, CEO, YWCA USA, held a press conference on the Cannon Terrace on Capitol Hill, where they announced the CURVATION PROJECT CONFIDENCE YWCA EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAM, a multi-faceted women’s confidence research, training and education program executed through YWCAs nationwide. This initiative, sponsored by the makers of CURVATION(R), a brand of intimate apparel developed for the more than 60 million curvaceous women in the U.S., is the first confidence-building program at a national level in the YWCA’s nearly 150-year history to be aimed at women over the age of 18.

"I’m so proud to be here today to celebrate NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY and the launch of the CURVATION PROJECT CONFIDENCE YWCA EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAM because I have always felt strongly about empowering women," said Queen Latifah, the spokesperson, inspiration and creative advisor to the CURVATION(R) brand. "I’m living proof that with confidence and by believing in yourself, you can accomplish any goal. So today, in honor of NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY, I’m encouraging all women to take the first step — no matter how big or small — to making their dreams a reality."

The issue of confidence is near and dear to the Grammy Award-winner’s and Academy Award-nominee’s heart. She credits her success today with the confidence her mother and grandmother instilled in her growing up.

The comprehensive educational initiative from the YWCA is comprised of several components including: focus groups in five major U.S. markets; an online survey of women’s beliefs, attitudes and practices pertaining to confidence and self-esteem; the development of a 9-month curriculum and "How-To" Kit based on findings from the research and focus groups, which will be made available to 16,000 employees and volunteers in nearly 300 local YWCA’s via intranet; a local and regional representative training program; monthly "Confident Women" Group Meetings open to the community; plans for community-wide events; and co-branded CURVATION(R)/YWCA USA promotional and media materials. The program has the potential to impact nearly 2 million YWCA members and their families, as well as countless others nationwide.

"The YWCA knows first-hand the struggles that individual women face, and the ability each one of us has to make a difference. We are committed to providing women with the information and services they need to be strong alone – and fearless together," says Peggy Sanchez Mills, CEO, YWCA USA. "There was a genuine need to develop curriculum geared towards women’s confidence, and we are so grateful to Queen Latifah and the CURVATION(R) brand for their passionate belief in the importance of this issue, and for providing the support and infrastructure to bring this program to fruition."

The curriculum stems from CURVATION(SM) PROJECT CONFIDENCE(SM), a multi-year, multi-part initiative sponsored by CURVATION(R) and led by Queen Latifah, designed to share with women the importance of confidence and invite women, in turn, to share the power of confidence with others. The three other major initiatives under this umbrella include the CURVATION(SM) PROJECT CONFIDENCE(SM) Awards, a nationwide search to recognize women who personify confidence; NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFIDENCE DAY; and CURVATION NATION(SM), an online community where women who have embraced the power of confidence can inspire and share their ideas with an ever-widening community. For more information, women can log onto CURVATION NATION at

"The CURVATION(R) brand has supported women’s-confidence building initiatives since its inception three years ago and is delighted to contribute to programming that can actually affect women’s lives," said Pam Hardee, Marketing Director, CURVATION(R). "To have the support of such influential women and organizations, such as Carolyn B. Maloney and the YWCA, in this endeavor is incredible and speaks to the significance of this issue in today’s society."

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