Tradeswomen Resources

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Founded in 1978, Nontraditional Employment for Women is a nonprofit organization that trains women for skilled jobs in construction and other blue-collar industries. Most of the female hardhats at work today in New York City are NEW graduates.

Our skills-training programs lead to careers that pay considerably more than jobs traditionally held by women. Union jobs also offer substantial benefit packages that include pensions, sick leave, paid vacations, and the opportunity for further education.

Tradeswomen Now and Tomorrow (TNT)

a national coalition committed to achieving economic equity by increasing the number of women in trade and technical fields, and by fostering equality in their working conditions. Established in 1999, TNT promotes policies, actions, and partnerships designed to improve access to nontraditional fields and support sustained employment in blue-collar careers such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Through its network of organizations, allies, and individuals across the country, TNT has created a long-overdue unified voice for incumbent and burgeoning tradeswomen. TNT’s partners include tradeswomen’s support and training organizations, labor organizations, and collegial agencies.

Tradeswomen, Inc.

California‘s first organization for women in the trades, was founded in 1979 as a grass- roots support organization. We build community among the growing numbers of women in blue collar, skilled craft jobs.

Tradeswomen, Inc. has three goals:

  • Recruit more women into building and construction trades.
  • Promote retention of women in the trades
  • Develop tradeswomen’s capacityfor leadership and career growth, on the job and in their unions



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