Happy Susan B. Anthony Day!

Susan B. Anthony, silver medal, 1967, USA   

   Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1999, USA 

February 15, 1820 –  March 13, 1906

“Failure is Impossible”

“Men their rights, and nothing more, women, their rights, and nothing less”

It took 72 long – struggling years for women to gain the right to vote.


Happy Birthday to Susan B. (Brownell) Anthony (February 15 –  every year), a pioneer and hero in the United States Women’s Movement for equal rights. She advocated tirelessy, along with other great women, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, for women in the United States to get the right to vote. Their efforts paved the road to what women in the United States have and still need to gain today- equal rights. Surf to http://www.susanbanthony.com for more information about her!



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From: http://www.money.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home&TEMPLATE=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&CONTENTID=6901, 10/5/08:

Susan B. Anthony, 1820-1906, was raised as a Quaker in Massachusetts where she observed the working conditions of the women in her father’s cotton mill.

As an adult she became a schoolteacher, one of the few respectable jobs a middle-class woman could hold at the time.  She became involved in the abolitionist and woman’s suffrage movements in the late 1840s.

After she was denied a chance to speak at meetings of temperance advocates, she dedicated herself to winning equal rights for women. Anthony founded the National Woman Suffrage Association (1869) and later served as president (1892–1900) of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

In the election of 1872 she cast a ballot and was arrested and fined since women were not allowed to vote.

She constantly spoke out against injustices of all kinds, but concentrated most of her energies in her final years in seeking a constitutional amendment to allow women to vote.

She initiated the History of Woman Suffrage, organized the International Council of Women (1888), and as late as 1904 was in Berlin helping to found the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

The ridicule that had greeted her in her first decades was replaced by respect, and she became internationally known as the symbol of the women’s rights movement.


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