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        Changing Minds for Women Equality™


Founded in 2005, WOMEN SOLIDARITY USA’S mission is to inform women of career and equal opportunity resources, and to influence public opinion, by informing the public of media coverage advocating women equality issues, which ultimately inspires positive and permanent corporate and public policy change.

Inform – Inspire – Empower 


*An Information Internet Portal & Social Media Community on Equal Opportunity Issues*

Mission: An Always Evolving One

  • To aspire and encourage equal opportunity in the workplace, education, athletics, and retirement, and to inform the public of those equal opportunity issues
  • To encourage equal opportunity in permanent government and corporate policy
  • To support the implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment and Equal Pay legislation
  • To encourage and expose positive portrayals of women in the media and advertising
  • To honor and celebrate Women’s Herstory
  • To inspire and encourage young women to be women’s rights activists, and to support them in our shared common goals
  • To support our global sisters in their pursuit for equal opportunity and economic justice

Inspiring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women™ 

“We’ll Fight Until THEY Get It Right!”™ 


  • Media–Changing Minds for Women Equality™

Exposing positive media coverage advocating women equality issues. The Media shapes public opinion, and is a motivator and partner for change. Consciousness-Raising through the media, can inspire positive change through corporate and public policy, on issues of equal rights, equal opportunity, and economic justice.

                    “The Media Can Change Minds, Get the Word Out!”

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Inspiring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women™

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Business and Professional Women’s/California Chapter 2007 Pacesetter Awards
Salary.com- Annual Mom Salary Survey
Women Holidays to Celebrate!
American Business Women’s Week3rd week in October
American Business Women’s DaySeptember 22
Women’s Equality DayAugust 26
International Women’s Day (This day coincides with Women’s History Month in the USA)– March 8
Susan B. Anthony Day– February 15                          

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Like-Minded Organizations: The Media’s Influence on Social Issues

The EPIC Awards, presented by the Whitehouse Project,  honors outstanding efforts to promote images of powerful women leaders in popular culture. The event recognizes culture changers who have used film, television, theater, sports, and advertising, to create dynamic images of women leaders in American public life. 

The Genesis Awards honors outstanding individuals in the major media for raising awareness of animal issues to the mainstream consciousness. The Genesis Awards is presented by The Humane Society of the United States/Hollywood Office. WOMEN SOLIDARITY USA got its inspiration from the Genesis Awards. 

The EMA Awards, presented by the Environmental Media Association, honors film and television productions and individuals that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspires personal action on these issues. The awards recognize writers, producers, directors, actors, and others in the entertainment industry actively expressing their concern for the environment through their work.

Founded by actress Geena Davis in 2004, “The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media focuses first on getting more females and more varied portrayals of both female and male characters into movies, TV, and other media aimed at kids 11 and under. The Institute is a resource for the entertainment industry (media companies, animators, writers, producers, and others), the next generation of content-creators, and the public. We outreach to these individuals and companies towards supporting positive change in media, so young girls and young boys can grow up treating each other as equals. Our approach is collaborative, friendly, and cooperative.”


Environmental Protection  Light bulb “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?” Light bulb 


In 2008, these products earned the Three StarStarStar Distinction (3-Star).   These products protect people, animals, and the earth.  

In alphabetical order: 

1. Aubrey Organics 

    This company was recommended in a couple great ecology books.  Makes some cosmetics too. 

2. Clearly Natural Products 

    Their soap is glycerin based. Comes in scented and unscented with very low suds. Makes an organic liquid soap.   

3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

     Their soap is castille based. Moisturizes the skin with low suds. Comes in scented and unscented. 

4. Suki Naturals 

Green Cleaning Products: Conventional Brands Becoming Eco-Friendlier

 Many people want to use earth friendly cleaning products to avoid  products that are harmful to themselves, animals, and the earth. Some people make their own, or buy them at a store like Whole Foods. Some people just want the convenience of going to their local grocery or discount store to purchase their cleaning products. There are now products on the market that I assume from what I read on the packages, that are ecologically friendly and can be bought more commonly at conventional local stores.  Check out your local grocery, drug, and discount stores for these common brand names like Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine, and Seventh Generation. Arm & Hammer manufactures Arm & Hammer Essentials laundry soap, fabric softener sheets, and cleaners, and Purex has their Natural Elements laundry detergent. Palmolive manufactures eco+ dishwasher detergent, and Clorox has their Green Works line. Please be aware that Arm & Hammer and the manufacturer of Purex tests on animals. I don’t know if Clorox and the manufacturer of Palmolive does, so there are alternatives out there. Environmentalists caution you to read the labels on the green products you see, and be aware of possible greenwashing.

Some Things to Look For:

  • 100% Naturally derived surfacants

  • Biodegradeable plant-based ingredients

  • No dyes or artifical colors

  • No phosphates or bleaches

  • No petroleum-based cleaners

  • Safe for septic systems